Online Marketing: How to Beat Your Competitors

Online Marketing: How to Beat Your Competitors

How to Design a Website That Tells the World About the Finger-Licking Dishes in Your Restaurant

Beatrice Kelly

Customer experience doesn't start when customers get to your restaurant — it starts long before they come in. Most customers go online to see what different restaurants offer and choose the most appealing among them. You won't attract customers to your restaurant if your website isn't impressive. The website design you choose for your restaurant should be appealing and unique, and it should also reflect the face of your brand. Most customers expect what your website displays when they come to your restaurant. Here are three tips to guide you when designing a website for your sprawling restaurant:

Know Your Target Customers

Whether you are redesigning your restaurant or creating a new one, you must know who you are reaching. Don't go for new design assets that won't match the audience you intend to reach. The food and beverage industry is sensitive so you must know how to engage with both new and existing clients. The food website you design depends on whether you target wholesale buyers or regular customers who come for a single item. You should also consider if your customers are looking for business-to-business foodservice. The content you include on the website should be useful to your target customers.

Include Desired Information

The information you display on your restaurant website should be marketing focused and clear. The website you design is the most reliable online spokesperson for your restaurant. It should provide accurate answers to the customers' queries. Is the menu visible on the website? Most customers go to the menu first to see if you offer specific dishes before they consider other things. A hearty menu will invite a website visitor to dine at your restaurant and make them a regular customer. Show the options for beverages, main courses, starters and vegetables you offer. Include an online ordering button, store locator, feedback button, social media button, and "about us" button on the website.

Make the Website User-Friendly

Think of how the visitors should use the restaurant website when developing its site structure. How your restaurant's internal team uses the website is different from how your target customers will use it. Design easy and clear navigation elements to make the website more user-friendly. Customers get bored fast when they find a website that is difficult to use. Keep the most relevant information above the fold to help the website visitors quickly understand the services and delicacies you offer. Tell a story about your restaurant to your audience to help them learn more about you as they scroll down.

Consult professional website designers to create a website that will make more potential customers in the market become frequent visitors. Don't just design a restaurant website, but create one that will boost the online presence of your food business.


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